Friday, January 7, 2011

Not only boys like cars

The first time I saw Echo Park Paper, I instantly fell in love. It is a pretty new company. I believe it was grounded in April 2010. I can tell you – if I had seen them before, I would definitely not wait this long to start scrapping again! Adorable papers! Good quality. Bright, happy colors with a distressed touch. Yummy! I bought the collection called “Little Boy” and I want more!

Yes, I know that I have a daughter, but my daughter happens to love airplanes, cars, trucks and huge bulldozers. She likes pink and princesses too, but when she got to choose a color for her room, she chose blue. So the “Little Boy” collection was a must-have :-)

Here is a layout about Linneas car wash.

Again a lot of cutting. I built up the frame by cutting out pieces of a roadway from this cute paper.

You can’t imagine how I struggled to make everything on the layout straight. I am not used to these clean and straight lines. I am more like a sloppy (on purpose?) scrapper... And believe me - it is straight (ok, almost straight) even though it doesn’t look so in this photo. It is not a scrapbooker in me that failed. It was the photographer ;-)

That would be all for this time.

Hope to see you soon again!


Morfen said...

Så snyggt med vägen runt om som bildar en ram!!

Cattis said...

En sån vill jag ha sa Melvin när han såg denna layout! ;) Gillar detaljerna och vägen som går runt det hela med bilar och text!

Maja/eyovine said...

Cool =) Klart tjejer kan vara"killiga". Min ena tjej pluggar till rörmokare och den andra tjejen blir klar betongbyggare nu till våren ;). Å visst är dom fin echo park papprena =)

Så roligt att ha dig tillbaka i scrapvärlden. Har saknat dig!

Kramiz Maja