Thursday, February 3, 2011

I ♥ Photoshop

I've been too tired to scrap for couple of days now and I am not gonna push it... Instead, I've been editing photos ;-) I have this photo of Linnea that I really love, but the quality is soooo bad. I just can't scrap it as it is. So I played a little... What do you think?

Before PS:

After PS:

I think she looks like a little angel in this picture, so I wanted to make her glow :-) I had the coming Nook kit in mind when I made this one... tee-hee... can't wait to get it! It's gorgeous, you'll see. By the way, you can get a peek over here.

I don't have any new layouts to share, but I do have this one that I made for the Nook VC. The title reads "Linnea you are wonderful". The name Linnea actually means wonderful ;-) I have used words that can describe her to write her name.

My sweet, sweet little girl... Here are some close-ups:

A lot of pictures in one post! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!


Shanna said...

oh cuteness! i think you SHOULD scrap it Alex! Imperfect photos make great pages too! And it think it's ADORABLE!!!

Morfen said...

Magiskt blev fotot med lite fix!!! Så söt liten tjej. :D

Anonymous said...

Råkade hitta hit under amningsstunden. Finfint, kul att du kommit igång igen. Nya bloggen passar 'nya' stilen. Kram från svägerskan

Pam said...

Loooove the page you did for the virtual crop!

You should TOTALLY scrap that photo...I love how you edited it, she does look like a little angel!! Man I love her curly hair!

Thank you so much for the sweet comments you left on my blog, I appreciate them so very much!


danni reid said...

what a cuuuuuute page alex! i love, love the pic and think you should scrap it too.

Nenne said...

läääckert med diecut pappret! Måste våga exprimentera mer med diecut papper - du får det att se så lätt ut!

Lovisa said...

Blev helt tagen av hur (mer) härlig bilden blev efter redigering! Hur har du gått till väga?! Ser väldigt professionellt ut!