Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just married... only 3.5 years ago...

Hey guys! Hope you are doing fine!

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long. Things have been crazy around here. From trying to survive the terrible twos to making difficult career decisions... there was really not much space left for blogging. Or for creating, for that matter.

But I did manage to make a layout last night :-) I just couldn't stand a thought that I had these pretty papers just lying around, waiting for me... 'Cause you know... I've been waiting for these papers from the day I started to scrapbook. Finally - the perfect match for my wedding photos! :-) So here it is - my first wedding layout.
(Oh... it won't be the last... I have already two more in progress... only in my head so far, but still...)

I love these pictures. We look so happy :-)

I have used the lovely Portrait collection by Crate Paper. It is just so... so... perfect... perfect in every single way. Colors, patterns, chipboard and stickers elements, borders... awww.... so pretty...

I hope it won't be this long till the next post! ;-) 
Thanks for taking your time to stop by! 


Anonymous said...

Finally! Ser fram emot fler :) Jättefint förresten, men det behöver jag väl knappt säga? XOXO /Sis'

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Oh how cute! The photos are very beautiful yes! You scrapped them well. So sorry to hear about the terrible two's..I sympathise because I AM RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM TOO!!!! gets better..(some days!). Love, nadia.

LG said...

Oh Alex I know what you mean with these adorable 2 yr old. I am almost the same with you. With school vacation and starting a new job, I find it difficult to find time for scrapbooking lately.

I am so glad you were able to scrap and finally made a wedding layout. I saw some of your gorgeous wedding photos at FB and you are right, the Portrait collection is perfect.

Love how you've used the frames and highlight the photographs. This page is so precious!

Nenne said...

Ljuvligt vännen...ja de där papprena är helt perfekta!