Saturday, January 7, 2012

A feel-good layout

I have made a layout with a real high feel-good factor.

I had a huge 30 year crisis, when I was 29. I went through the things I've done in my twenties. I graduated as a master of science. I moved to Stockholm. I got a great job. I got married. I gave birth to my first child. I bought a house. Sounds like a very productive decade, doesn't it? Well, I spent an entire year asking myself one question - now what? What am I supposed to do the rest of my life? I was going to turn 30! I mean - 30! It felt too late to start partying like a rock star. It felt too late to grab a backpack and see the world. I just couldn't stop thinking that I should have done all those things in my twenties; I should have saved this grown-up, family life for later.

On August 10th, it happened. I turned 30. And guess what? It wasn't that bad. I woke up and realized - I was happy. I was happy with who I am. I actually like myself and my grown-up life :-) I love my wonderful family. I am good at my job. I am loved.

That's what this layout is all about. Photos are from my 30th birthday.

I have used the January kit from the Nook for this layout. The kit features Head over Heels by Lily Bee. Pretty, pretty, pretty! ♥ 

In case you have missed the news of the month - today starts a 5 weeks long crop over at the Nook! I hope you will join and play along! The Nook crops are the best! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Maja/eyovine said...

Magiskt vacker layout och en lika vacker modell. Ler lite... Jag tänkte precis som du när jag skulle fylla 30 ;). Nu har jag hunnit fylla 40 och några år till... och livet är bra härligt med familj och "Svensson" liv. Nu ska jag skutta bort till Nook och kolla cropen. Kikade ju in där för någon dag sedan, men hann glömma. Nu har jag kvällen räddad =)

Kramiz Maja

Nenne said...

skitsnyggt på ren svenska!

Jona Panesa said...

lovely page. don't worry age is just a number and I am 34!