Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I have high hopes for you! It can only get better...

Most of 2011 has been a nightmare. To make a long story short - the nightmare started in May when they announced that 450 out of 600 employees will have to leave the company I am working for. That time I was one of those who got a chance to stay (but the whole process took ~5 long tough months!). In December they dropped a new bomb on us (this time a nuclear) and decided to shut down the whole place. Unbelievable!

Luckily, the job market for my profession is actually quite good and finding a new job was not a problem, but the whole this "thing" has drained me of my energy. That's why my blog has been so quiet. I have scrapped a little during this time, mainly as a therapy, but I didn't have motivation to share or chat. If I had a minute I spent it looking for a new job. And guess what! Now I have one! Can't wait to get started! :-) April feels so far, far away...

Anyhow, 2012 is here! I have a new job waiting for me and I don't need to worry anymore. Meaning - a lot more energy to scrap, share and chat with you like-minded souls! ;-)

Yesterday I made my first layout for this year. I feel alive again!
I was out of ink and I couldn't print any photos but I just couldn't wait a day longer! I had L's preschool photo lying here, begging to be scrapped. I found a sketch over at BasicGrey's (needed something to get me going) and I gave it a try. It wasn't easy and it looks nothing like the sketch, but it felt great anyway :-) Here it comes:

I have used the lovely Hello Luscious collection from Basic Grey. It was featured in one of the kits from the Nook I received but never used. It really hurt watching the pile of unopened boxes from the Nook get higher and higher. Yesterday, I riped them all up (like an impatient kid opening her Christmas presents). Oh my sweet goddess! I almost got blinded by all the beauty :-)

Couple of closeups:

I have no idea how many of you will find your way back to my place. But if you didn't give up on me and somehow dropped by - thanks! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

I am wishing you all a happy scrappy 2012!



Maja/eyovine said...

I`m here ;). Så kul att se dig skapa igen. Supersnyggt med de papprena som jag tyckte var svåra. Skoj att det löst sig med nytt jobb. Vi har gått igenom den svängen vi också.... inte jag dock men min man och det påverkar hela familjen. Önskar er ett fantastiskt 2012. Å du VÄLKOMMEN tillbaka =)

Kramiz Maja

Cattis said...

Då säger jag detsamma...Välkommen och så kul att få se dina underbara alster igen som denna!

Önskar dig god fortsättning på nya året! =)


Bellaidea said...

What a cutie!

Nenne said...

yay Alex!!! Saknat dig och dina underbara skapelser massor! Jag hittar hit på en gång! :)

Skönt att höra att saker och ting går bra - stor kram!

Sherri said...

Welcome Back Alex!!! I was so happy to see you over at the Nook, and then you popped by my blog today, putting a second smile on my face. I am so very sorry to hear how rough the past few months have been for you. I can't begin to imagine how devastating your job loss must have been. There was definitely no happy ending there for anyone. So sad. However, times are changing and things are looking up. So happy for you. I bet the change will feel so nice. Love your first layout of the year. And, especially love your second :) I am so happy to see your blog up and running again. Your on my list now so I'll be back soon. Hugs to you my Swedish friend

♥ Sherri