Thursday, March 28, 2013

Father and Son

I feel something almost magical when I see Adrian in his dad's arms. I hope he will become a man, just as wonderful as his father is.

I made this layout using American Crafts Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line.

He is sleeping in my arms while I am sitting here in front of the computer. I should probably be sleeping as well (don't get much of that in the night), but I just had to log in here and say "hi" again :-) Hmmm... A litle blog hop now would be nice... Please Adrian, keep sleeping... Please...

Thanks for stopping by!


alexandra s.m. said...

Hey Girl!
So good to hear from you and to see how happy everyone is ;-)
This L.O and the previous one put a huge smile on my face!
WELCOMe back!
YOu were missed!!

(Love the name Adrien by the way!)

Jessica said...

Nice to see you're here again :) lovely page!