Friday, May 17, 2013

My 2 Blessings

I just had night #3 with no sleep. It feels in my whole body... Adrian has a cold with fever and a runny nose. On top of that he has two teeth coming through (already!), which makes him even more clinging. It could be the teeth giving him all those cold symptoms... I don't know... I just want it to be over...

Yesterday I finally scrapped again. It gave me at least some energy back :-)

Here is the outcome:

Even though they keep me awake and can literally drive me crazy, that's what they are - my 2 blessings.

I played again with the lovely Trend Setter line from Fancy Pants. It's just so beautiful and so versatile.

Yes, I love this girl and I love that boy ♥

I really like the frames that come with the collection. Instead of using them as they are, I cut them to make them even more interesting. You can get those frames HERE in the Paper Issues' shop. Actually, everything you see on this layout, you can get from Paper Issues :-) Feel free to use my code ALEX20 to get 20% off your order. This collection is just too lovely to miss!

Thanks for stopping by today! See you soon again!


Ashley Horton said...

Beautiful photo and layout, Alex!! Love the Trendsetter on your page!! Sorry to hear the kiddies are keeping you awake. Hope they feel better soon!!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

This is so beautiful and such a refreshing page, Alex! I hope your little one is feeling better (and you've gotten some sleep).

Patricia Roebuck said...

This is the sweetest and so beautiful, Alex! The patterns and colors are just perfect. I hope you get some rest soon!