Friday, June 27, 2014

October Afternoon: 100% Yours

Sometimes, I wonder if my daughter knows how much our girl dates mean to me. For her maybe it's just a bike ride and an ice-cream, but for me it is so much more. I love to feel that I am 100% present in the moment, that I am 100% hers.

For this layout, I have used the Daily Flash All Boy collection from October Afternoon. 

God, I really  need to figure our how to stop blogger from making my pictures look so bad :-( They look so much better outside my blog. 

I hope that my kids are going to enjoy all these little notes I am leaving for them to read when they grow older. After all, that's what this hobby is all about. That's what means the most.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Carina W said...

Har du ändrat färgrymden från Adobe RGB till sRGB innan du spar bilderna? Att inte göra det brukar kunna ge blaskiga bilder på webben för webläsarna klarar inte av att visa andra färgrymder än sRGB. :)