Saturday, March 7, 2015

2nd birthday

Hi guys! I realized that I have a LOT of Amy Tan Stitched layout to share! I've been creating with the Stitched collection for DESIGN in PAPERS, but I haven't been as good when it comes to showing them on my personal blog.

Here is one of them. Adrian's 2nd birthday. He looooves fire engines, so I just to make him one as a cake. I followed Betty Crocker's instructions and it turned out pretty good :-)

Alex Gadji - 2

Alex Gadji - 2 closeup3

Alex Gadji - 2 closeup2

Alex Gadji - 2 closeup1

More Stitched inspiration coming soon...

Thanks for stopping by!


Janet Zeppa said...

Oh my so adorable!

janet said...

What an adorable page! Great pictures and I love the design!