Friday, February 12, 2016

Cheeks Red From Fever

The second I saw his red cheeks when I came to preschool to pick him up, I knew that something was wrong. He didn't even want to hug his friends goodbye (something he always does). One little girl even started to cry because she didn't get a hug. Lol. Cute.

It turned out, his cheeks were all red from fever. Poor baby. On the bright side, we got to cuddle a lot when we got home :-)

Alex Gadji - Cheeks

I played with the new Better Together collection from Amy Tangerine. Amy T never disappoints!

Alex Gadji - Cheeks closeup1

I am so happy that I could turn Amy's lovely "cheers" to "cheeks" :)

Alex Gadji - Cheeks closeup2

Alex Gadji - Cheeks closeup3

I've been dying to play with Better Together! So happy it is finally here! Yay! Can't wait to share more :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends!

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